About us

LSMC Association is a social club of consumption and self-cultivation cannabis legally constituted.

The LSMC is a local and nonprofit association. And It’s formed by a closed circle of cannabis consumers (therapeutic or recreational consumers).

What we want

LSMC born in early 2013 in the neighborhood of the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, in order to:

  • Create a space that promotes respect, diversity and tolerance.
  • Provide a place where members feel comfortable and can enjoy the freedom of a responsible and controlled use of cannabis.
  • Promote the culture and leisure by exclusive activities for its members.
  • Collaborate with social movement for the defense of responsible consumption of cannabis and its derivatives.
  • Provide accurate information to its members about the recreational, therapeutic and industrial applications of cannabis sativa L plant.
  • Decriminalize cannabis, calling for a regulation that allows us to enjoy it with responsibility.

What we don’t want

Associations cannabis users are NOT a group of criminals, and don’t want to be part of an illegal market that doesn’t allows us to enjoy our rights.

We are not, and we are not like, the dealer of the square in your neighborhood, which for example is called “Quini” because:

What makes the dealer
What we do in the Association
Quini encourages indiscriminate consumption of cannabis.LSMC Association promotes responsible consumption.
Quini is usually the last step of a hierarchical organization, and often the most loser of it.LSMC Association works with a democratic system, where every member have both a voice and choice.
Quini sells cannabis.LSMC Association caters to their members with own cannabis grown, in return for fees intended just for production and proper functioning of the Association.
Quini sells cannabis everywhere: the park, school, bar, home…LSMC Association only dispenses cannabis at its headquarters, a private place for members and authorized persons.
Quini sells cannabis to your 15 years old cousin.The LSMC Association dispensed cannabis only to members. And to be a member must be over 18 years, among other requirements.
Quini offers all kinds of drugs, to you and to your 15 years old cousin.In LSMC Association is strictly prohibited the consumption of any type of drug that is not derived from the cannabis sativa L.
Quini want to make money, seeking the maximum benefit from their sales regardless of product quality.LSMC Association is non-profit. So LSMC looks for to maximize the utility and meet their objectives, ensuring quality cannabis.
Quini’s Colleagues are usually the worst people in your neighborhood, what fool.We are normal people. We are bakers, doctors, lawyers and bohemian artists who find inspiration in cannabis. We are nice people.
Quini not pay taxes, and probably never made the tax declaration.LSMC Association pays taxes required by law, and is a day of their accounts.
Quini has no contract, or anything like it.LSMC Association creates jobs directly and indirectly, thus contributing positively to the country’s economy (which needs it).
Although many know, Quini wants to remain anonymous.LSMC Association is transparent with its members, and provides them information.
Quini got to sell drugs because it was a quick way to pull out some money without much effort or preparation.We believe in the project, and we think it is necessary to have spaces like LSMC. Maybe you think that we are idealists, but we think so we can help make the world a little better.

And what does LSMC means?

LSMC is an acronym for which we are known, and come from La Sagrada Maria Club (The Holy Maria Club).

That’s how people call us, but really we are registered in the Register of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with the name Associació Cannàbica La Sargantana Maria Club.

But let the introductions you may call me Sagrada Maria.

Lovely to meet you.