Fundamentals of a Cannabis Social Club

Maybe some time have you asked yourself how a Cannabis Social Club works. In the article (in Spanish) ¿Qué es una Asociación Cannábica o Cannabis Social Club? we expand the information, but now we just want to put a light on the Funtamentals of a Cannabis Social Club.


  • Isolation from narcotraffic and criminal activities
  • Control of cultivation conditions, improving the sanitary conditions of cannabis and its properties

Closed Circuit Access to cannabis

  • Cannabis for CSC members only
  • Removal of non-users of cannabis
  • Removal of minors from cannabis
  • Non-profit (cannabis for members only)
  • Facilitates self-cultivation control (cannabis is only grown for members, there are no surpluses)

Risk Reduction and Pleasure Management

  • Control of sanitary conditions and knowledge of the properties of cannabis through analysis
  • Ease of detecting, preventing and reducing the misuse of cannabis (registration of the amounts withdrawn per member)
  • Access to proven information on cannabis and lower risk practices
  • Strengthening ties in a remote, invisible, stigmatized community

These are the fundamentals of a Cannabis Social Club.

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