Million Marihuana March 2014 in Barcelona

LSMC invite all partners. Saturday May 3 to participate in the global march in defense of the rights of consumers of cannabis, Million Marijuana March 2014, to be held in the Plaza Sant Jaume de Barcelona at 17:00. ATTEND AND DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS!

Organize Moviment Cannàbic Catalá

From Movimient Cannabic Català, we appeal to everyone Users Association, Grow Shop, brands, houses and seed banks and in general to all CANNABIS activist , to join the initiative to put banners and links green balconies, doors, lampposts or banks making each neighborhood wakes green. Send us your photos Cannabic Català Movement with the hashtag #MMMbcn or @MovCannabisCat.

Event Facebook Million Marihuana March Barcelona 2014 – Diada Verda ,Día Verde , Green Day

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